Just like that...

...one becomes two.


Grandpa Khichi predicts a boy and a girl. Will we get our Silas Ram and Quinn Parvati after all?

I am approaching Week 7 and am starting to feel some symptoms of pregnancy. There are a few food aversions (Chinese food, rice in general) but there aren't too many. It depends on the moment, and what my body tells me is a no-go. Of course, pasta, potatoes, and bread are most appetizing to me, but that is no different than if I were NOT pregnant! Irish Mama loves her carbs! (But then why is rice such a turn-off?) Most of all, I am tired. The go-go-go in me is more of a go-rest-go-rest-rest. This is obviously most unfortunate as I am not very good at relaxing, but these babies are most important so they win! I just wish there was something on TV to watch!

Current weight: 160 lbs. Yikes! Looks like I'll have to lose more than my baby weight once these babies come out! Oh well, gotta love a challenge.

And so we move on...


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