Q52 - Weeks 3-7

Posting on a regular basis is clearly not my thing, but it is important to me to get these pictures and stats up here in hopes that one day Quinn and I can look back on this and see her life before she remembered it as such.

In the past month, Quinn has blossomed in a way that makes my cheeks hurt due to smiling too much. We are told that the love you have for your child is something you cannot explain. Experiencing it for yourself is a necessity, and dare I say that it can be so great, it even scares me?!

Regardless, I feel the need to share the cuteness of my beautiful daughter with the world. Maybe you want to see it, maybe you don't. If you don't, unfollow or turn away, because I just cannot stop.

^^Week Three: A father's love. Neel joked to me that he did not even "have to work for it anymore," in reference to Quinn's smiles. And he is not joking. There is a tinge of envy when I see her ear-to-ear grin as he enters a room, but this is no competition. We both get to share in this great love of ours.

^^Week Four: Tummy Time! A Superman-esque pose to commemorate Quinn's first official rollover! Daddy and I were there to view this feat together, and as we celebrated, your smug smile of satisfaction was so darn ridiculously cute! Belly-to-back is just too easy now!

Week Five: First NYC Trip. You and I, and your buddy Jack, spent a very cold Saturday afternoon in the Village to visit Retta at her apartment. We had a party in her place...it *was* her half-birthday after all, where you drank milk and Mommy drank Dirty Hoes. But we all wore party hats! We will be back here more often for sure!

Week Six: Nemo. Not your first official snowstorm, but the first one that mattered! Snowstorm Nemo dumped eight inches in our backyard, but we steered clear of that for fear of yellow snow (thanks a lot Riley and Murphy)! However, Cousin Jenny brought her snow gear over to Grandma's, and together we made snow angels, climbed snow mountains to jump off, and did somersaults. Well, you didn't do the last, but you will.

Week Seven: Our Little Valentine. What has *not* happened this week, this being the week before you officially turn six months?! Let's see.... you are now: sitting up on your own, saying "Mama" (!) though you don't know to apply it to me, eating real food (carrots were a hit!), and others. And by others, I am referring to you "enjoying The Outfield," something that Daddy could not be happier about!

Dearest Quinn:

Is it not obvious that we are obsessed with you?

Mom and Dad.


Photo via Rebekka Seale
Idea via Che & Fidel

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