Q52 Week 16: 8 Months!!

This little one is laughing at me for my shock at her growing up so fast! She is saying, "Silly Momma, did you think I was going to be little forever?!" Ummm...yes!!! But I am not mourning my baby girl, because every new day with her is an exciting adventure. I wake up wondering what new behavior she'll adopt, what new sounds will come out of the cutest mouth ever, and how much longer I have of her being immobile. 

Eight months old today. Quinn can say, "Mama," "baba," and sometimes "dada." She can purse her lips and make the popping sound. She has started making raspberries and bubbles too!

Crawling is something she doesn't appear interested in. She gets into position (see below), and rocks back and forth, but has found that propelling herself works just as well. Standing is so much fun for Q. She prefers to be upright with assistance, and with a little puling, Quinn can "walk" across a room pretty quickly!

Snuggling is her fave. Cuddles always result in naps with Daddy. Sleeping at night requires Mommy's squeezes for comfort. She is still in our bed. We just can't kick her out!!! Waking up with all whom I love so dearly (baby, husband, dogs) is just about the greatest thing you could ever imagine!!

This baby girl is the best. Thanks for the greatest eight months of my life, Quinn.

See outtakes below:

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Photo via Rebekka Seale
Idea via Che & Fidel

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