Just like that...

...one becomes two.


Grandpa Khichi predicts a boy and a girl. Will we get our Silas Ram and Quinn Parvati after all?

I am approaching Week 7 and am starting to feel some symptoms of pregnancy. There are a few food aversions (Chinese food, rice in general) but there aren't too many. It depends on the moment, and what my body tells me is a no-go. Of course, pasta, potatoes, and bread are most appetizing to me, but that is no different than if I were NOT pregnant! Irish Mama loves her carbs! (But then why is rice such a turn-off?) Most of all, I am tired. The go-go-go in me is more of a go-rest-go-rest-rest. This is obviously most unfortunate as I am not very good at relaxing, but these babies are most important so they win! I just wish there was something on TV to watch!

Current weight: 160 lbs. Yikes! Looks like I'll have to lose more than my baby weight once these babies come out! Oh well, gotta love a challenge.

And so we move on...


Our Little Buttercup.

I can't stop thinking about you! Are you alone in there? Do you have a partner? Your father and I have been dreaming about you since we met, planning for you since we married, and preparing for you since just last week when we found out you finally decided to make an appearance! Three failed rounds of IUI. And a halted IVF attempt that finally came to fruition on December 4, 2011. Nine days later, our dreams have come true. And so, here we are. Patiently impatient. Enjoying every step in creating you, but so looking forward to meeting you. xox mom*

Friends in Need.

We have good friends. Friends who would never ask for something but would give anything. Friends who are in need but wouldn't let you know. Those good friends are Gina and Retta.

Gina and Retta were hit pretty roughly by the lovely Irene. Personal property is nothing compared to their safety, so we (and they) are lucky for that. But loss is loss no matter how you measure it.

Along with their belongings, memories get thrown away.

Can you help? A donation account via Paypal has been created to be a part of giving Gina and Retta a jumpstart. Please feel free to give as little or as much as you'd like.

Thank you.


It may not be the real India, but it'll do. We can't live like rockstars every day of our lives. Oh wait, yes we can!

So rock on.



This band represents so much more to us than good music. It was also before their show that you told me you were falling in love with me. When I didn't say it back, you asked for my response. I told you I would never forget what I was wearing when you told me that. And I don't. And yes, I knew that I was falling in love with you then too. But I had to make you wait just a little longer.

dear diary.

Photo Credit: Gary Ashley

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