Q52 - Week Two

Puppy Love

Quinn is developing habits. I joked with Neel the other day that it's so weird to see her developing her own thing. Our daughter has a thing! This week, it's rubbing a blankie on her face to help her sleep. If Puppy isn't available, Quinn will take her blanket and drape it over her entire face, which is enough to make me panic that she'll suffocate herself, knowing full well there are enough holes in the knit to not allow that to happen. 

What's become of me? I am a bit of a worrywart now. Ssh! Don't tell anyone. 

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Q52 - Week One

Photo via Rebekka Seale 

Inspired by James of Bleubird Vintage, via Che & Fidel, I am taking on the challenge of shooting one picture of Quinn each week for the entire 2013 year. My attempt is entitled Q52. 

Doesn't appear to be much of a challenge considering I take a minimum of five photos A DAY of this beautiful baby girl, does it?! I have added to that challenge to have the photo represent a milestone, new habit or behavior, or interesting thing that Quinn has adopted in that particular week. Shouldn't be too hard considering she entered 2013 in her fourth month. She adopts new things every day! 

By posting these weekly images on a blog, I get to have an online journal of our baby girl's progress, and hope one day she can go back and see for herself.

Oh Quinn, you have completed my life with your squeals, grunts, and even gas!!

Week One

Quinn found her feet this week! I have been dreaming of this moment since her birth because I am pretty sure the feet-in-hands pose is about the cutest thing that exists. But leave it to Quinn to take it a step further and put that foot straight into her mouth. 

To see if she really is Mama's baby, it was suggested I put mashed potatoes on her toe and see how she likes that. She will LOVE it. Duh!

And a few of the outtakes...

Arrow & Apple Lighting e-course (Week 2 Homework)

 Photo 1: Unedited. Present bulb. AWB. 
Photo 2: Unedited. Daylight bulb. Daylight white balance.