Q52 Week 26: Truth.

I wouldn't be presenting an honest image of my baby if I didn't show her crying at least once. In all honesty, she really doesn't cry much. She is generally a happy baby. We couldn't be luckier. I think I say that every day.

The truth behind these tears is that I wanted my husband out of the shot. But she had another idea. Aren't those the best kind of tears? The ones they cry because they want you close?

Once again, lucky.

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Q52 Week 24: Dad.

I never had a positive father figure in my life. No worries though, my mom did a great job being both, so I never felt I was at a loss. I can't say the same for the rest of my siblings, and definitely attribute some of their issues to the lack of a two-parent household. But that's too long a story to get into today. I know that it is a rarity to have parents who stay happily married anymore, but I really think it makes a big difference in a child's life. I survived, but my strength did not need to be tested as much as it was. 

Quinn will be much luckier. She has two parents who love each other dearly and also love her immeasurably. One thing I am so happy she will have that I didn't, she will understand why the term "Daddy's Little Girl" exists like no other. 

Neel has so much love for this girl - I'm not sure I can explain it without using every cliche out there. Seeing him with her is pretty much the sweetest, and my heart just explodes when I watch them. She loves his corny songs; some of my favorites include "Squeezy Butt" and "Bean Bag Head." They are hysterical and so darn catchy, and they make our baby girl giggle like crazy! She smiles so huge when Neel comes home from work, and races to the door for him to hold her. And they are 100 percent official napping partners. She doesn't relax much when with me, but when she gets into Daddy's arms, out she goes, snuggled into his arms in the cutest way ever. 

So Happy Father's Day to you, Neel. You have done an incredible job so far in loving Quinn (and I) in ways I never thought possible. Life is not perfect by any means, but it's pretty darn close thanks to you! xo

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Officially, I am a stay-at-home-mom. But we have a child, and a house, and a very expensive dog (save that for another day). So, I also get paid to take your picture. You can find me here. You can also find my photography Facebook page here. And for even more stuff, I am @megankhichi on Twitter, and @megankhichiphoto on Instagram. So much media!!!

A screen capture of my website, designed by my good friend, Corinne.
I've mentioned my hobby before, and my fear to actually call myself a photographer when people ask, but my work is improving, and my confidence is growing. I am booking more jobs than I could have dreamed, and every new job provides an opportunity for another, so I am quite excited! I thought I'd share some of my recent work...

Q52 Week 23: Where It All Began

Quinn's first, and last, performance on stage at Maxwell's, June 2013

Earlier this week, Maxwell's decided to close its doors for good on August 1 of this year. With just under two months remaining until this actually happens, the staff and longtime patrons have been running through the stages of grief faster than they can pour/drink a PBR. Ok, that was a pretty lame analogy, but you get it. Currently happening are calls/texts/emails/Facebook posts/Instagrams/tweets of memories, photos, declarations of astonishment, and acceptance of the reality that is about to be bestowed upon us. 

To some, Maxwell's is just a place with mediocre food and unknown bands. To others, this decision is the literal end of an era. Decades of retrospection is happening all over the world. And not just by some tiny bands nobody has ever heard of. By Elijah WoodLiz Phair, and Evan Dando of the Lemonheads, to name a few. But also, by me. 

I recall many memories of hitting up all ages shows at Maxwell's in the early '90s during my high school years. We were seeing bands like Tribe 8, Face to Face, Mary Lou Lord, and The Muffs, in a tiny venue for next to nothing. This legendary rock club has hosted much much more famous names... Bruce Springsteen filmed Glory Days there, Nirvana rocked on that stage, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs played to a handful of famous attendees... 

But the most memorable performance of my entire lifetime would have to be my own...

...where Neel and I sang a duet of "Jackson" by Johnny Cash and June Carter with a live country karaoke band at our wedding reception!

Maxwell's, where I met my husband. Maxwell's, where Neel has spent the last ten years of his Friday nights. Maxwell's, where we have created some of the most amazing friendships that will long outlast the restaurant. 

So many new friends have come into the mix over the years, and when asked how we all met, no matter the equation of friends, the answer is always Maxwell's. Our Maxwell's is full of random hook-ups that resulted in marriages. Not just our own, but so many of our friends! And together we have created a new generation to share our stories with. 

Maxwell's, without you our lives will go on. But knowing that the place where our lives started together will cease to exist, makes us very sad. Our beautiful daughter will never truly understand what you mean to us. She will never get to perform karaoke on your stage to a crowd of close friends, hang by the jukebox struggling to find a handful of good songs to annoy the bartenders with, or just sit in the front room hanging with some of the best friends ever. She'll never sit above the stairs that look at the front door and watch as every person who enters is a close friend, and realize there isn't enough time in the night to visit with everyone. She'll never smile so hard when she just takes a look around and realizes that her heart is full of love and laughter, and it is all because of this place. 

Or maybe she will, at her own version of Maxwell's. Actually, I really hope she does. I hope her happiness, created with her own memories, can be as great as ours. Or even better. 

A big thank you to Todd and Dave, owners of Maxwell's. I am not sure you're even aware of the magnitude in which your bar has left its mark on us all. Thank you to every staff member to pass through there, and best of luck to the people whose faces I know I can always see when I stop into my home away from home: Karl, Rob, Carlos, Neel, Roda, and Oscar...I have loved you all so greatly, and look forward to seeing what comes next for each of you. 

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Quinn's headband is from Little Hipsqueaks, MC Hammer pants from H&M.

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Q52 Week 22: Jersey [Shore] Girl

Dear Quinn:

You are not quite aware of how lucky you are with the ocean at your fingertips. Golden skin, sandcastles, surf lessons, sunrise walks, beach volleyball, late nights in beach chairs, boardwalk fun, riding the waves...it goes on and on.  I have so many memories at the beach, and we were over an hour away. I will keep making a photo diary of our time there.

These days you will cherish, and I will cherish them even more.


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