Q52 Week 13: Some-bunny Loves You!

Easter really isn't a big deal in the Khichi household. When Quinn is a little older and there are eggs to color and hunt for, chocolate bunnies to eat, and carrots to leave out for a certain some-bunny.... well then we can make it a big deal!

Bunny ears are cute every day of the year, but they are socially acceptable this week only, so here you go! Hippity hoppity!

Quinn didn't hit any major milestones this week, but she is close! Crawling is right around the corner. She is pushing herself up on her arms during tummy time, and tries pulling her knees in but they quickly slide back out. As a result, her motion is backwards instead of forwards, but mobile is mobile and she is making moves! 

I give it a week or two and she will be moving like crazy - then the baby-proofing starts!

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Photo via Rebekka Seale
Idea via Che & Fidel

birthday beer garden!

35. seems like a pretty scary age when you're 15. but 35 isn't so bad. however, it's been 20 years since i was 15. now when you put it that way, whoa. 

anyway, 35 brings all sorts of adult things (to me, at least): marriage, family, home ownership, etc. i know that i now make smarter decisions than i did as a little tyke, but otherwise, i'm still all me...15 for the last 20 years. 

see what i mean?!

florida sun

Ormond Beach - directly across from our condo. 
It's Daddy-Daughter Time!
That bikini kills me.

Lunch at High Tide, AKA Snack Jack, AKA SIL Jenny's favorite place
Sangria on Spring Break. 
That's Sophie - as if you didn't already know. She makes a few appearances on this trip.
Liquid lunch at Lagerheads.
Quinn turned 7 months on March 20. 

Washington Oaks Gardens
Beautiful. Love the hanging Spanish moss. Found out when we came home that the cockroaches loves to hang in it. Eek!

Her smile. GAWD.
I love our little family. 
Look up. Big tree. Look for me. Bigger than you thought, huh?!

Sunrise on my birthday!

Double slayed. Smiles and giggles?!?!!?
A perfect start to my 35th year.
Until next time...

Q52 Week 12: First Family Trip!

We took a family trip to Ormond Beach, FL, to stay in a family's condo this past week. Neel had spring break from work, and he deserved some time off. This was Quinn's first flight, which was very successful. She was a little noisy toward the end, but at that point, we were making our descent and I didn't feel so horrible that she was keeping people awake. 

The trip was short, but relaxing. I turned 35 while we were there. We started my birthday by waking up to watch the sunrise (see below), and then drove to St. Augustine for a day trip and a delicious lunch. It was perfect. I love my friends and appreciated their calls/texts/FB wall posts, but I loved having my family with me to do a little bit of nothing together. 

Upon returning, we celebrated in a big way with friends at a local beer garden. Birthdays give us all a reason to get together, and I love that!

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Photo via Rebekka Seale
Idea via Che & Fidel

Q52 Week 11: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Feast your eyes on that bottom gum. There are two tiny teeth poking through! I will miss the gummy smile but I have a feeling that toothy smile will be just as adorable.

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Photo via Rebekka Seale
Idea via Che & Fidel

nursery tour.

Quinn's room was a labor of love in the literal sense by myself and so many people who love her. For now, I consider it complete, because I have no more projects in my back pocket. But that does not mean that I won't change my mind and add more and more! 

I should correct myself. I have decided to call this the 'baby room,' as Quinn is the resident for the time being, but should there be another child, Quinn gets to graduate to a big girl room, and K2 occupies this space. 

The tour begins now...

Quinn's changing table comes from an old friend. Initially, it was unfinished with wooden knobs. Aunt Tracy stained it black and added checkered knobs from Anthropologie. More on the art later. 
The chair. I love this chair. It used to be my Grandmother's rocking chair, and it used to be brown. Aunt Tracy spray painted it the most awesome color yellow. Giraffe from Target, gifted from Aunt Kat. The pillow and blanket can be custom made through Curly Hair Conspiracy.
Painting made by our friend Adam, and bean bag purchased for photography props, but ended up fitting perfectly in Quinn's room! The chevron blanket you see here was made with love by my friend Kristen.
See that extra door behind the bedroom door? That is the secret entrance to the next bedroom, where Quinn will move on up if K2 decides to become a reality. Wow, I really hate the color of those doors.
The ottoman was repurposed from an old ottoman/chair combo I had from Crate and Barrel. I found striped upholstery fabric online, took it apart, and then passed it onto Aunt Tracy to make beautiful. And that she did! That's Murphy on the bottom left. 
This very awesome elephant print was done by our friend Dan. Since making this one for Quinn, I have seen some other truly incredible animal paintings that he's done. He does them on brown paper bags, and they really are masterpieces!


The screenprints above were made by our friend Corinne. (Do you see a pattern here?) Both prints are mantras from Sathya Sai Baba, Neel's family guru. (He was raised Hindu.) You might recognize the "Love All Serve All" as Hard Rock Cafe's corporate motto. That is because one of the co-founders of the Hard Rock, Isaac Tigrett, was a devoted follower of Sai Baba. 

Vintage blocks purchased off etsy.
Dictionary bunting purchased here. 
Limited edition Dr. Suess print from Green Eggs and Ham, from a close friend.
Quinn's first bank, from our friend Danielle.  

My first attempt at pom pom bunting. It could be better, but it could also be worse. 

Shanti. You can find either her or Sneaky taking up residence on one of the many comfy padded spots in the room. 
This hat box is already full of so many loving gifts from our friend Lauren, of Curly Hair Conspiracy. We are so lucky to have her skill, and she is so lucky to have the cutest muse ever!