Quinn the American Houdini.

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Quinn the Curly Hair Conspiracy muse.

You'll see her face all over the etsy page for this company. Also, on their Facebook page. We have a great deal worked out. She makes the hats. I photograph my kid in them. We keep the hats. Score. (My kid has a lot of hats.)

Linking up with Jodi.

See other 52 Project photos from 2014 here. Look at all from 2013 here.

Here are a couple more recent hat pics…


Quinn the Eskimo. 

We spent probably ten minutes outside. Ten inches fell overnight and temps are in the single digits here. This unprepared mommy did not have waterproof gloves for her baby girl, but we braved the snow anyway!  

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That's A Wrap

Q52. 52 photos of Quinn. One every week for a year. Never late. None missed. 

I never lived till I lived in your light.

Q52 Week 52: The Feeling Isn't Mutual

Love wouldn't even begin to describe her feeling for our pets. I'm not sure Murphy would use the same adjective towards her. Indifference, maybe. He's warming to her, though. Verrrrrrry slowly. 

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Photo via Rebekka Seale
Idea via Che & Fidel