Q52 Week 29: 11 Months!

We are lazy technological in this family. No need for paper invites anymore. Why wait that long to get feedback on your oh-so-adorable invitations? Above is the winning photo that was used for Quinn's first birthday party invite, the cutest little photoshoot in our backyard. And what resulted was the "money shot," as Neel calls it. 

I simply Photoshopped the party info onto the above image and emailed it along. What's best is that your RSVPs come back so quickly! 

She basically looks superimposed onto the screen! I waited so long to photograph that teepee because I wanted just the right thing. Oh boy did I get it! Teepee is by B.E. Little You and Me

So there she is, all 11 months of her. Walking and smiling and laughing and making up words...and biting. Hard. Oh my poor, aching nipples. 

Outtakes below. 

^^ And this one is really behind the scenes. Thanks to my husband for his [limited] patience.

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Photo via Rebekka Seale
Idea via Che & Fidel


  1. love these shots! great tipi too :) x

  2. She is cute! And I love the tipi - looks a bit more durable than ours ;-)

  3. What a fantastic idea! Just adorable! My little one's first birthday is August 5th! Your invite is so adorable, I can't wait to see pictures of the birthday party! :)