Q52 Week 37: This Beauty, Among That Beauty

If I believed that Heaven existed, and created an image of what it looked like it my head - this would definitely be it. A beautiful day, with the loves of my life, in a field of sunflowers. 

The day we chose to visit the sunflower maze in Sussex County was probably a little hotter than preferred. And you can see that the flowers are nearing the end of their lives, as they're all beginning to droop. But regardless, it was...heavenly. 

I lugged a stool out into the maze along with my kid, husband, friend, and her dog. It was a lot. But look at this shot. Clearly well worth the sweat. 

 ^^love love love^^

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Photo via Rebekka Seale
Idea via Che & Fidel


  1. these could simply not be any more beautiful! there is so much love wrapped up in them! Thank you for sharing them and have a beautiful week xxxx

  2. Oh Megan, these photos are divine! And her little yellow sandals, perfect for a sun among the sunflowers! Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos. x

  3. Sunflowers and yellow saltwaters?! Heavenly! These are beautiful. X Ashley

  4. Hi Megan. Just popping in again to let you know that your photos were my favourite last week, and I've let my readers know! Happy Weekend to you! xx