a photo an hour.

A photo an hour for 12 hours of being awake. I didn't have any plans today, nothing exciting to make this post extra spicy. But this is a good indicator of a simple day. The babe, the pets, and myself. 

Morning routine always starts with dishes from the night before. 
I sing to Quinn every bath day: "What time is it? It's tubby time!"
Blending breakfast. I have decided to do Simple Green Smoothies' 30-day green smoothie challenge. "Green" in color sometimes, but always green ingredients! Today: spinach, cherries, pear, banana, water, and chia seeds.
Play time!! I have been challenging Quinn every day to get her mobile. She is getting close to crawling, and is now pulling herself up. She loves to stand!
Life isn't always perfect. This little stinker likes to be held. She is telling me she is done for the day!
The trusty topknot. Getting ready for lunch!
Surf Taco!!!
Editing for Q52. This photo didn't win. Daddy wanted her eyes open.  
She knows that being put in this seat means something good is coming! Sadly, that "good thing" was prunes. Luckily, she doesn't mind. She loooooves food. (Hmmm, whom did she get that from?)
Even after eating, Q wants her milk. So while nursing, the dogs relax beside us, always nearby. Always in protective mode.
And once Q is fed, I get to stock our fridge from the best supermarket out there! I am pretty sure not a damn thing in the whole store was on sale today.  
This little missy thinks food shopping is boring! Good night!!

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