Q52 Week 17: Crawling!

Yesterday was a very mobile day for Quinn. Wait a minute... she slept eight hours last night! Now I know why!! Anyway, back to how this crawling came to be...

So I had to babysit yesterday afternoon. A four-month old, a real baby! Compared to him, Quinn is basically a teenager! And when you are watching one of those, all of a sudden your eight-month-old has to fend for herself. So while I held, changed, and fed Jacob, she entertained us. Jacob and Quinn exchanged conversations in their own language. She rolled all over the rug in her playroom, flung around the pieces from her playmat, and backed herself into a corner in an attempt to move forward. She was moving all over the place!

When Neel got home from work that night, I wanted to show him how much movement was occurring so I placed her on the rug and walked away. She did not like that - she always wants to be held. She started wailing, and Neel and I started laughing at her. (Parents of the Year Award nominees?) She was pissed. And when someone is pissed, what do they want to do but give you a nice swift f--- you?! 

So, with tears in her eyes and her middle finger raised high (figuratively), Quinn crawled straight into her mother's arms! 

It, and every other thing she does, was the greatest experience of her (my) life.

The video below shows what happened when we attempted to get her to do it again. (Video doesn't show up in Reader.)

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Photo via Rebekka Seale
Idea via Che & Fidel

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