Q52 Week 34: ONE

a quinn currently edition, inspired by dani hampton of sometimes sweet

quinn turned one yesterday (8/20)! i thought this would be a good time to write down a few things about this little bundle of love so i always remember these moments, even when they're a long way away. i don't have sorrow for the past, as the future is just as exciting, but i also want to make sure that these memories stay sacred. 

wondering: what she's saying, most of the time. quinn is always talking. it's mostly gibberish, combined with pointing. she is not at the point of frustration, so it is basically the most adorable thing ever. as is everything she does. 

saying: ok. here's what we can make out: hi, hey, TICKLE (have you seen the video?), baby, mama/mommy, dada/daddy, and megan. yes. megan. except it's more like, "may on." 

eating: just about everything. sadly, she refused cilantro in her tofu banh mi the other day. i'm not giving up on that one, though. she will like cilantro. she has to! it's a joke when i tell my mom she loves something she tries, because that is always the case. she loves it all! (i hear this will change, and soon she will begin turning things down. crossing my fingers that that does not happen!)

watching: no tv shows; life has been too exciting to turn on the tv! there is one youtube video she loves, recommended to her by her good buddy, jack. it's "elmo's got the moves." if you're a parent of a little one - i would suggest putting this in the rotation. it's just over a minute, pretty catchy, and works wonders for redirection!

working on: walking faster. and probably running. she seems very close. also, climbing the stairs. she loves to do it and can go up and down with ease, but she hasn't mastered the first step down. she always needs help getting set up. 

listening to: music, music, music! you put a catchy tune on, quinn's arms fly right up, and out comes the booty bounce, accompanied by the most adorable smile. top fave, icona pop's "i don't care, i love it" song. it was cute in the beginning but now it's getting pretty old! 

loving: mom and dad. i mean it. she is all about hugs and cuddles and kisses and snuggles. life is so good. 

looking forward to: her first birthday party on saturday!! we have all our friends coming to celebrate with us. it's a big one - over 80 people. she has so many who love her!

reading: you name it! she isn't interested in the words yet, but she loves the pictures, and she enjoys turning the pages. the cardboard "chewable" books seem to be the first she heads for, but they're easier to grasp, so it makes sense. there's one in particular, "elmo's favorite places," which has a lot of pull-down flaps. that is a major player right now. 

enjoying: [i'm taking this one for myself.] this time in life right now. it has been just so amazing and wonderful and incredible and every other positive adjective. she smiles, and we can't help but smile. thank you quinn, for giving me purpose every day.

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Photo via Rebekka Seale
Idea via Che & Fidel


  1. Oh dear what an adorable face!! I hope she had a wonderful birthday, and you also - I found both of my babies first birthdays a bit emotional xx

  2. Love that expression here! It sounds like this is a great season! One is pretty fun! Enjoy those cuddles!

  3. Congratulations!!! One is a huge moment for a baby. Enjoy.