Q52 Week 47: our little teenager.

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was weaning her from nursing. In fact, if it weren't for my need to get a regular period in hopes to stop it again (see: trying for baby #2), I would still be nursing her! It is when I see her doing such human things, like washing her hands or brushing her teeth, that I am dumbfounded. 

She's been using her stepstool to simulate brushing her teeth for the last week or so. I normally keep it off to the side of the sink, but it's a little awkward for her to reach for the faucet, so I turned it around for her. When she climbed those steps the first time, I just stood there thinking, when did you grow up? 

I'm not sad about it - every new step has been so much fun that I am not mourning the things that aren't happening anymore. It is just so so so amazing.

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Below is the runner-up for this week's Q52, and also my view all week. Taking care of a sick little one means lots of baby-holding. LOTS.

Photo via Rebekka Seale
Idea via Che & Fidel


  1. I posted a very similar picture this week! Isn't it crazy how fast they grow!

  2. This is such a great capture, and the face in the second shot just makes me want to give her a hug!

  3. Beautiful capture. Its so good to watch them grow and become independent!