face the fear.

Hi. I'm a photographer. I am soooo afraid to actually say that. I mean, I think I am. I'm more than just a hobbyist, and I sometimes get paid for my work, so I am pretty sure that gives me the right to call myself as such. 

No, I am not a momtog. Though I do not mind being called as such, as long as you know that my love of taking photos came long before my child. And my pursuit of making a living doing this was also around before my baby. I am a mom and a photographer though. I take a million photos of my child, and before then, my furry children - my husband won't let me practice on him! (In actuality, he will, but he gets annoyed quickly, and I in turn get even more annoyed so it's a terrible combination.)

So when asked what do I do, the answer is what? Stay-at-home mom? Photographer? I used the term self-employed the other day. That felt pretty cool. Then I dusted the dirt off my shoulder.

I have a website here. Check me out! I have a Facebook page here. Like me! I put lots of cute pictures up!

So there it is. My confidence so great in who am I, until I have to name it. 

Just some other pics of mine that I like...

All images © megan khichi photography.


  1. love ur photos & you! I am doing a 365 with my little girl at www.maandjian.blogspot.com, but as you can see from my pics I am a newbie. Have some advice?

    1. hey! thanks for the compliments! i'll check your 365 next. that is tough! 52 is hard enough! i mean, i def take a picture a day of my daughter, but i would put so much pressure on myself to make it the best, and then it wouldn't be fun.

      i started my photography in high school, and realized then that i def had an eye for the job, but didn't hone in on my skills until later in life. you know how it goes, unhappy with job, wanting to stay at home with the kid, etc. at that point, i took an adult class in my town to learn how to use my dslr camera properly. from there, i just started reading! i watch youtube videos, i follow photo teaching websites (i.e. improve photography.com), i joined meet up groups. and i took pictures of anyone who would let me!

      every year i can see improvements in my work. it has become beyond rewarding and i can actually say i like my job!